EMTF 2.1 (

New features:
  • Dynamic generation of wrappers that expose non-public members and constructors for easier white box API testing
  • Is fully localizable
  • Ships as a single DLL
  • Targets Silverlight 4 and the .NET Framework 4

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed crash caused by unhandled exception during automatic test method discovery when trying to inspect a dynamic assembly (dynamic assemblies are now skipped)

EMTF 2.0 (

New features:
  • Declaration of actions to be executed before or after every test in a test class (PreTestActionAttribute and PostTestActionAttribute)
  • Optional TestContext parameter on test methods as well as pre- and post-test actions enabling aborting tests and logging of custom messages throughout test execution
  • Declarative grouping of tests (TestGroupsAttribute) and test execution limited to those tests in a user-defined list of groups
  • Concurrent test runs utilizing all logical processors for test execution (TestExecutor.ConcurrentTestRuns)
  • New logger for writing test results to a stream as plain text (StreamLogger)
  • Targets Silverlight 3 and the .NET Framework 3.5

EMTF 1.0 R2 (

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed race condition that could cause TestExecutor.Execute() to be called instead of TestExecutor.Execute(IEnumerable<Assembly>) or TestExecutor.Execute(IEnumerable<MethodInfo>) in case of an asynchronous test run on the .NET Framework or no call to any TestExecutor.Execute() overload at all on Silverlight

EMTF 1.0 (

Initial release

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